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High Alumina Refractory Binder


Al2O3 % Max. 50-75
Fe2O3 %Max. 0.25-5
CaO %Max. 26-36
SiO2 %Max. 1-6.5

We are Leading Manufacture & Suppliers of Calcium Alumina Cement, High Alumina Refractory Cement and High Alumina Refractory Binder.


Calcium Aluminate cement / High Alumina Cement is produced by preparing raw meal consisting of applicable bauxite and limestone, calcining the raw meal in rotary klin and grinding the clinker, which contains Al2O3 50-60%. it was called bauxite cement for a time and also called” refractory cement” based on its main usage. The name ”aluminate cement (High Alumina Cement)”is specified by the national standard now.

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Properties Datcast-50 Datcast-70 Datcast-75
Al2O3 % Max. 50 70 75
Fe2O3 %Max. 5 0.3 0.25
CaO %Max. 35-36 30 26
SiO2 %Max. 6.5 1 0.5
Setting time (in minutes)      
Initial, min. 20 20 20
Final, max. 400 400 400
CCS ( kg/cm2), min.      
After 1 day 300 400 350
After 1 day cured+110°C/24 hrs - 600 500
After 3 days 400    
Refractoriness (orton / °C) Min. 14/1452 20/1564 31/1683
Application Area For manufacturing of general purpose castable For manufacturing of high purity and high density castable For manufacturing of high purity and high density castable

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